CryptoParty 14: NSA und die Kryptografie - Wie sicher ist sicher?

Vortragender: René „Lynx“ Pfeiffer

GSM Network Security

26C3: GSM SRSLY? The worlds most popular radio system has over 3 billion handsets in 212 countries and not even strong encryption. Perhaps due to cold-war era laws, GSM's security hasn't received the scrutiny it deserves given its popularity. This bothered us enough to take a look; the results were surprising. YouTube: 26C3: GSM SRSLY?

27C3: Wideband GSM sniffing GSM is still the most widely used security technology in the world with a user base of 5 billion and a quickly growing number of critical applications. 26C3's rainbow table attack on GSM's A5/1 encryption convinced many users that GSM calls should be considered unprotected. The network operators, however, have not woken up to the threat yet. Perhaps the new capabilities to be unleashed this year – like wide-band sniffing and real-time signal processing – will wake them up. YouTube: 27C3: Wideband GSM sniffing


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